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Head gasket

Recommend a garage in which you've had good experiences. Please date when last used(ish) and the work done. No "Name and shame" please.
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Head gasket

Postby Seanmx5 » Mon, 10 Oct 2016 9:12 +0000

Hey from Australia.
Question. I just installed a vrs kit on a newly reconditioned motor and just realised the intake manifold gasket is not the right one. It's sit's too low so now I'm assuming it's an NA vrs kit and an NA head gasket I installed into my nb8a head.
But now I already have the head gasket on the motor and all torqued up and ready to go.
Will I run into issues? Can I use this gasket?
Will a coolant really route solve anything?
Or must I make sure I need to change it to an NB gasket?
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Re: Head gasket

Postby Steve » Mon, 10 Oct 2016 9:23 +0000

if you aren't using the right gasket is it blocking the intake?
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