Season 9 Episode 01 Terminator: Genisys, Scream, Minions

Steve brings us live to Periscope for the first time with a liberal application of duct tape and the added bonus of a silent Mark. Steve also got his way by making us watch Minions, the story of jibberish-talking, yellow, dungaree-clad tick-tacs in search of a master. Scream gets a TV reboot and a sparkling cluster of pretty little victims, we check to see if it has anything else beyond good looks and nostalgia. Arnie pulls on the synthetic face one last time in Terminator Genisys, with the aid of Khaleesi in disguise, to battle against robots from the future in the past to prevent the past robots becoming future robots looking to send better past robots back to finish the threat to the future future robots.

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