Season 10 Episode 1 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Hateful Eight, F is for Family, Billions

We have Shaun in the house one last time before his return to his other career as a shady Vegas underworld informer, hanging tough til the last big screenplay gets puked in his lap. Shona bitch slaps Mark into submission and assumes the host type (definitely gender respectful) thing/role in the absence of Steve. We reflect on the Awakening of yet another Christmas movie that comes out at the wrong time to Force its way into the Bikies.Quentin Tarantino may perhaps also need a bitch slap,a new word for n*gg*r, or just a god damn editor, Hateful Eight. Bill Burr gets PTSD and a new haircut in F For Family. Damien Lewis faces off against Paul Giamatti in Billions and discovers that unlimited dollars is no match for the squirt of a good woman.

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