Season 12 Episode 1 Assassin’s Creed, Passengers, Beyond, Spies

New year and a new Bicycrew? Not even a little! The gang are one woman short but struggling on regardless as they try to figure out if having played Assasin’s Creed, a video game of a movie of the game helps in reviewing it, or just means you need to get out more. Mark and Mike try to take Steve through the subtle nuance that separates Stone Cold Steve Austen from John Cena. Mike decides to take one for the team, opting for Jennifer Lawrence in a bikini and performing a solo review of Passengers; a story of what our Steve would do if he was trapped on a 120 year space flight. We debate the benefit of mental vs physical as the makers of the SAS reality TV show turn their hand to spies in the aptly named Spies. To complete the list comes another disappearing person returns with powers show, Beyond, a show that may or may not have a chance of winning our approval depending on whether Mike folds his arms or not.

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