IIAB Season 12 Episode 17, Wonder Woman, The Mummy, The Mist, Riviera

After a series of improbable events, we succeed in putting the band back together. Wonder Woman ruffled the feathers of feminists at the United Nations of late, but there would have been no United Nations without her single handedly winning WW1. In fellow historical documentary, The Mummy, The Cruiser grins, runs and grimaces his way through hordes of beasties en route to proving once again that it’s all worth it for the love of a good non gender specific motivator. Steven King wrote The Mist 37 years ago. 10kg of coke and drunk driver later he just remembered to warn us that Bridgton is fucked. Shona makes the case that The Handmaid’s Tale might actually be good and Mike drops jaws with his shocking revelation about Sky summer murder blockbuster, Riviera.

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